ABCO Safety
Contact: Jeff Bayer
Telephone: 513.604.0858

ComputerEase Construction Software
Voted the Number One construction software for accounting, project management and FieldEase-remote job site processing.
Contact: Dowd Fox
Telephone: 1.800.544.2530 ex.102

A cloud-based solution for designing, printing and digitizing the data from paper-based checklists. Digitidoo uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to convert paper to data automatically and also allows for direct data input using smartphones or tablets. Digitidoo is an ideal solution for managing checklist data from:

  • Behavioral Based Safety Observations
  • Building & Facility Inspections
  • Workplace Health & Safety Assessments
  • Customer & Employee Feedback Surveys

With the Digitidoo solution, there is no manual data entry and your checklist data is instantly available online to aggregate and report across your business.

Green Building Education Services (GBES)
The leading provider of online LEED Green Associate and LEED AP exam preparation solutions and services.
Telephone: 888.414.9998

Employers Choice Plus (ECP)
A strategic business partner that allows you to focus on what’s most important to you and your business. ECP makes running your organization easier by taking on the time-consuming tasks of payroll, workers’ compensation, health care selection and administration, retirement planning and a host of tax and reporting services. Their consultants can help you achieve substantial cost savings while improving benefits and reducing employer risk.
Contact: Heather Fair
Telephone: 513.755.7719
Email: hf@

National Traffic Safety Institute
The National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI) is a leading national developer of driving safety courses with over 35 years of experience. NTSI courses are behavioral-based and utilize a proprietary strategy of improving driver performance through course materials. The focus of all NTSI courses is on acceptance of personal responsibility and use of group facilitation techniques that help drivers make better decisions.

NTSI’s fleet/professional driver courses are developed to enable businesses and governmental entities to control risk exposure and minimize losses. The NTSI difference is found in their focus on driver attitude and the significance of driver’s mental state and its relationship to driver performance. Their classroom and online fleet courses are designed to be engaging to increase the likelihood of participants seeing benefits by utilizing the concepts presented in their courses – thus creating much-improved drivers.
Telephone: 866.346.3283

Health & Safety Sciences, LLC
Health & Safety Sciences is committed to leading the health, safety and security consultancy industry in minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment. It is the belief of HSS’s team members that environmentally friendly actions are the responsibility of every company doing business in the world today. It is their belief that the environment can only be preserved for future generations by good stewardship of Earth’s resources by companies and citizens alike. They are committed to being a part of this team effort.