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Is it OSHA Reportable?

Everyday we strive to create work environments free from accidents and injuries. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries happen despite our best efforts. Knowing what to report and what not to report is crucial in maintaining compliance with OSHA. What Types of Injuries Need to Be Reported? A lot of people have questions about what type of […]


Machine Guarding

On OSHA’s Radar Machine guarding is the ninth most cited infraction from OSHA in the year 2015. Machine guards are put in place to defend an employee against machine operation hazards. To modify or to remove a guard is a hazardous work condition, and is unacceptable. According to OSHA this is also the reason for […]


Lockout Tagout

Lockout tagout is one of the most frequently cited issues that OSHA will find when they walk through a facility or project. They find that lockout tagout (LOTO) is not setup correctly, or setup at all. This can have extremely painful consequences when this is ignored, or setup incorrectly. Never should any part of an […]


Hand Injuries

Hand injuries are one the most common types of injuries in both construction and in general industry. The reason for this is pretty simple. Employees that are working with their hands may not have been wearing the proper Personal Protective Equipment. Perhaps a lack of safety inspections and safety discipline allowed not wearing gloves to […]


Silica Poisoning

Silica can be found in common construction materials, such as cement and quartz. Most minerals contain silica and Silica Dangerous Materials when these minerals are chipped, drilled, or cut into, this creates respirable silica dust. Silica poisoning occurs when  you inhale silica dust.  Inhaling silica dust causes scar tissue to develop within the lungs that […]