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Georgia Lead Renovator Forms

Attached you will find the Georgia lead renovator forms you need to stay compliant with the State of Georgia’s lead renovator rules. The forms are free to download. We recommend that you download the forms, attach your firm certification, your renovator certifications, trained, non-certified workers, and regular subcontractors certifications. Save all of that as a […]


Heat Stroke

Workers that are required to work in hot environments for long periods of time are at risk of suffering heat illness. Heat illness occurs when the body is unable to maintain normal temperature in hot conditions. Heat stroke is the most serious heat-related health issue, and if left untreated can lead to death. Heat stroke […]


Hearing Protection and PPE

Ear plugs should be worn in production areas where they are required! There are no exceptions to this policy even for somebody just passing through one of these areas ear plugs are a requirement. Last year alone there were over 21,000 cases of hearing loss due to noise exposure in the work environment. For reasons […]


First Aid and CPR Training Requirements

While keeping workplaces safe and free of hazards is the priority, accidents do happen. It is important to have a first aid program where employees are properly trained to help an injured co-worker until professional help arrives. OSHA gives general industry employer responsibilities regarding medical services and first aid of injured/sick workers in 29 CFR […]


Fatigue On The Job

Generally, the word “fatigue” implies feeling tired, sleepy, loss of memory, increased errors in judgment, increased stress, and, poor decision making. Fatigue can be acute or chronic. Lack of sleep or short terms of heavy mental or physical work can cause acute fatigue. This can be relieved by resting or relaxing. Chronic fatigue, though the […]


Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is often referred to as the silent killer. The reason for this is because it is an odorless and tasteless gas. It could be present, and you would not know unless you had an air monitoring device or a CO alarm with you. Carbon monoxide poisoning is responsible for hundreds of deaths per […]


Painting Company Training Requirements

We have put together a good starting guide for painting companies and the training they should consider below.  If you have questions, comments, or you feel like something should be added please let us know. Training Needed Frequency Needed Hours Admin Employee Production Employee Subs Supervisor Top Leader Title Safety Director 10 Hour OSHA Outreach […]


EPA Lead Renovator Form Checklist

Keeping track of all the required forms when working housing built prior to 1978 can be a daunting task.  Before you build your first containment, you have to keep records.  It all starts with getting out the renovate right phamplet.  You can send it via certified mail or hand deliver it.  If you hand deliver […]