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Budgeting for Safety

As you look to next year's budget, don't forget to include safety expenses.  All too often construction companies don't forecast the cost of safety into the budget.  But, safety will affect your bottom line.  And, it happens in two ways. …

Benefits of Getting Injured Workers Back on the Job

Welcoming an injured employee back to work following a workplace accident is beneficial to both employer and employee.  Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen because neither party is familiar with workers compensation rules and regulations.  They…

Back Pain and Construction Workers

The American Chiropractic Association reports that 70 percent of construction workers will experience low back pain for more than a year. This statistic is troubling enough on its own but a study by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental…

Avoiding Chemical Hazards on the Job

Of all the dangers faced on construction jobs, none are as threatening as toxic chemical exposure. These hazards are not always liquid. They can also be in the form of gasses, vapors, and fumes. So even when workers are not handling chemicals…

Lead Exposure Health Hazards

Pure Lead, also known as Pb, is a heavy metal at room temperatures and pressure. This basic chemical element can combine with various other substances to form lead compounds. Here's some important information on lead exposure health hazards. Unfortunately…