RRP Rule: Certified Renovator Responsibilities

The RRP Rule requires that an individual Certified Renovator be responsible for the renovation job regardless of the level of training and certification of the other persons working on the job. This individual Certified Renovator has the following responsibilities:

1. Perform work and direct the work of non-certified renovation workers.
2. Train all non-certified workers on-the-job in lead-safe work practices.
3. Maintain copies of initial and/or refresher training certifications onsite or electronically.
4. When requested, conduct testing for lead-based paint using EPA-recognized test kits or lead analysis of paint chip samples and report findings.
5. Remain onsite during the sign posting, work area setup, and cleanup phases of work.
6. When not on site, be available by telephone or pager.
7. Make sure that the containment is maintained in a way that prevents the escape of dust and debris. This responsibility implies a need to determine which work practices should be used to minimize dust.
8. Conduct the cleaning verification procedure to make sure that the work is complete and that the work area is ready to reoccupy.
9. Prepare a summary of the work, maintain training and certification records, and certify that all work was done in a lead safe manner.

The Certified Firm is responsible to assign at least one certified renovator to the project. Remember, that the Certified Renovator can train the Certified Firm’s employees. However, subcontractors need to have their own firm certification and at least one certified renovator. How do you deal with all of these requirements? We have tried to make recordkeeping easy for you. You can download or RRP Form packet free of charge by clicking here. Our forms include a checklist that helps guide you through the recordkeeping process.

You maybe asking yourself, how do I get my firm in compliance? To obtain your firm certification click here. To register for an upcoming EPA RRP Lead Renovator Certification course click here to view our training calendar. To register the old fashioned way dial 877-209-9648, or email [email protected].

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