Educating Owners and Residents about Lead: Working in a Home

Working lead-safe doesn’t stop with you but it surely starts with you. Educating homeowners and other property

Lead Based Paint

Lead Based Paint

residents about lead and lead-safety is the first step for a secure job-site. It’s also vital to think ahead…no more than 60 days before beginning a renovation, Certified Renovation Firms must distribute the Renovate Right pamphlet to owners and residents of the pre-1978 housing to be renovated. Here are some specifics about educating owners before beginning work in a home.

  • Firms must either obtain the owner’s written acknowledgment or proof that the pamphlet was sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, at least 7 days before the renovation began. For EPA regulated jobs the renovate right pamphlet may be hand delivered the day of the renovation.
  • For tenants, Certified Firms must either obtain a written acknowledgment of receipt, or document that the firm delivered the pamphlet and was unable to obtain a written acknowledgment.
  • All proof of receipt/mailing/delivery records must be kept for 3 years after completion of the renovation.
  • Sample forms to document confirmation of receipt are included in the Renovate Right pamphlet.

Protecting the health of your customers and workers is the most important thing to consider when working in homes built prior to 1978.  Be sure to educate your customers prior to starting the job.

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