EPA Lead Renovator Form Checklist

Keeping track of all the required forms when working housing built prior to 1978 can be a daunting task.  Before you build your first containment, you have to keep records.  It all starts with getting out the renovate right phamplet.  You can send it via certified mail or hand deliver it.  If you hand deliver it you have to keep a form for each address, as well as one form to document how you delivered the information.  Once you take care of the renovate right recordkeeping, it is on to the Post Renovation Report.  That all starts with the Sample Pre Renovation Recordkeeping Form.  Get that filled out 7 or 15 days prior, make adjustments as the job goes, sign it at the end of the job.  Anytime you test for lead that has to be recorded, and you need to keep record of any relevant correspondance with the owners.   Training records for all involved also have to be kept.  Try out our free EPA Lead Renovator Form Checklist to help keep your company in compliance!

Looking for a checklist for all of the EPA Lead Renovator forms?  We have you covered, download our free form checklist below!

Lead Renovator Forms

EPA Lead Renovator Forms