Everyone is Responsible for Safety

Safety is the responsibility of everyone, everywhere. All jobs have hazards, so in order to make the workplace safe and prevent or reduce hazards both the employer and the employees must follow safety procedures. It is the responsibility of all working people to keep themselves and others safe at workplace by working together to promote safety. All industrial and manufacturing companies must have a health and safety policy that fits their job process requirements and is in compliance with OSHA health and safety requirements. It is required that every employee works safely and cooperates with the employer by following all safety rules according to their job requirements. Management must ensure that everyone understands the safety policy of the company and has proper training for each specific task or environment. A safe workplace must be the goal of everyone in the work environment.

  1. Safety Responsibilities:
  • Take safety training seriously.
  • Know your company’s regulations and rules.
  • Be patient with your job. Never take short cuts.
  • Try to implement ergonomic techniques.
  • Follow good housekeeping procedures.
  • Use proper PPE for your job.
  • Speak with your manager or supervisor if there is a problem with safety at the workplace.
  • Follow the emergency plan in case of an accident or injury.
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards work and encourage others to work safely.
  • Try to learn from near misses or injuries.
  • Safety rules must be followed inside, outside, in the lunchroom, in parking lots, or in any motor vehicles, not just at your work station.