First Aid Training for Workplaces

First aid training may seem like a thing of the past.  But, it may be one the most important safety skills your construction workers know.  In the event of an emergency, paramedics can often be on the scene in five minutes.

However, a lot can happen in those five minutes.  In the meantime, practicing some basic first aid can help a situation from getting a lot worse.  It may even be the difference between life and death while waiting for medical professionals to arrive.

In order for your company to have a comprehensive safety approach, you must include first aid training. Here’s more information on first aid training for workplaces.

First aid is defined as emergency care given in response to a sudden illness or injury before medical professionals take over.  Those who are trained in first aid deliver the care.  OSHA requires that a job site has first-aid providers when there isn’t immediate access to a hospital or clinic.  Take these pointers into consideration:

Have the right supplies
A first aid kit can range from gauze pads to automated external defibrillator (AED.)  Make sure you have enough first aid kits to go around.  These need to be checked regularly to ensure they have enough supplies.  As you begin to see patterns of what supplies are used most often, make sure those are readily in stock.

Provide training
The best supplied first aid kit is useless if the individual doesn’t know how to use the supplies.  So, make sure employees are provided regular training. Training ranges from first-aid techniques to CPR and ways to keep employees safe while providing care.  Even legal considerations should be part of the safety training.

The situation needs to be assessed
One of the first steps to first aid training is helping employees know how to assess a situation.  Not only does this help the responder know what action to take, but it helps the responder know if he or she would be in danger by providing care.  There are times when the responder will decide first aid care, and trip to the doctor’s office is all that’s needed and other times the responder will decide to call 9-1-1.  It’s important to be able to differentiate these circumstances.

ABCs are what counts
The ABCs stand for airway, breathing and circulation.  And, workers should be trained on how to assess each of these three for when the victim is conscious and unconscious.

Steps for when the medical professionals arrive
You’ll train your crew to stay with the victim until medical professionals arrive.  And, the responder should know what information to give to the professionals too.

The effectiveness of your entire safety program is at risk without training your construction crew in basic first aid.  A lot can happen in the time it takes medical professionals to arrive on the scene.  And, in a life-threatening injury or illness seconds count.  Make sure first aid training is part of your company’s overall safety program!