Gamble at the Casino, Not on Safety!

The real challenge with building a solid safety culture starts with your commitment to it on a daily basis.  I truly believe as business owners that our number one priority is to ensure that each employee, gets home safe, every day!  To do that, you as the business owner have to choose between hoping everyone stays safe and doesn’t get hurt, or developing a strong safety program that promotes working safe and builds morale through appreciation.  I hear all the time that our potential clients are too busy to schedule the class, or can’t afford the training cost right now.  All of those are real problems and we do our best to make the training affordable and convenient.  However, you can’t afford to not invest in safety, for these reasons:

  1. You will make more money!  Not only is it the right thing to do studies referenced by OSHA prove that for every dollar you invest in safety you receive a return of four to six dollars.
  2. It’s the law!  There are now criminal penalties that are associated with severe injuries and deaths of employees.  People are actually being sent to jail for willful violations when people are hurt or killed working for their company.
  3. Lawsuits will happen when people are moderately or severely injured.  Without training records you are likely to lose those most of the time without proof of employee negligence
  4. Employee Morale and Productivity – that’s right, they go hand and hand.  When employees realize you are putting profit over their safety, you will lose their trust and they won’t work as hard.
  5. Workers compensation costs:  Think of it this way, when someone gets injured on the job to the extent they will miss work you will have costs for: lost productivity the day of the accident, lost productivity after the accident (while they are away from work), cost of replacing and training and new person, accident investigation costs, medical costs, TPA expense, possible attorney’s fees, possible claim settlement fees, internal cost of managing the claim, potential OSHA fine, potential loss of future work, and the cost of any damage to your material or the building.  All of this for just one injury.
  6. Peace of mind:  Ensuring that your company has a solid safety program that promotes safe work habits, provides the proper training for each job type, and holds everyone accountable for safety will give you comfort and protection in the event an accident or injury does happen
  7. Recruiting and Retention:  People want to work where they feel appreciated and safe.  By investing in your safety program your current employees see that you at least care about their physical health and prospective employees will notice your outstanding safety record.
  8. OSHA Fines:  Repeat and willful violations can result in six and seven figure fines.  Most fines are much less than that, however the costs can be crippling.

Gambling on safety will always cost you over the long haul.  It’s your choice to have a safe organization, what will you choose?

We offer a free safety assessment to all prospective clients. If you are looking for assistance in establishing or managing your safety program, a safety resource for a period of time, or just need a monthly safety inspection contact proActive Safety Services by dialing 513-372-6232 or by emailing [email protected]

Gamble at the casino!