Green Construction

The terms green building and sustainable building are finding more use in construction activities, as well as the news media and trade journals. The terms have come from associations focused on the best use of resources to construct and maintain buildings for the future. The intent is to create and preserve a healthy and safe environment for a facility and its occupants during and after construction, as well as throughout the building’s life.

Green Construction goals are to:

  • Effectively use resources
  • Create a safe healthy environment for construction workers and building occupants
  • Promote energy efficiency
  • Lessen the impact on the local environment

Here is a list of common practices that you can use at the construction site to promote green or sustainable principles:

  • Recycling — Green construction provides opportunities for extensive reuse or recycling of building demolition and construction materials. Contractors may reuse some materials on site, and send other materials to recycling centers
  • Energy-efficient equipment — Energy star equipment for home or commercial use consumes less energy than non-rated equipment. Successful buildings can use up to 35 percent less energy than standard construction
  • Low emission adhesives and coatings — After application, these items, also called low volatile organic compounds emitting materials, do not release unpleasant odors or noxious fumes.

A recent study found that most construction workers perceived green construction sites to be safer than conventional construction.

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