Highway Driving Tips

We have all heard of several highway driving tips over the years. Most of us are commuting several miles each day to and from work. In the construction field we are all used to making long trips to and from our projects. In the manufacturing world, workers often drive over 30 miles each way, everyday.

Highway driving is much different than driving on your local streets. Highways are filled with bridges, exit and entrance ramps, uphill climbs, and steep downhill descents. All of these variables can present significant challenges for our commutes.

Entering a highway often times is much more difficult than exiting a highway. Trying to gauge the traffic approaching the entrance is the first key to a successful merge. In almost every scenario the car on the highway already has the ride of way, so you will need to yield them while entering. Be sure that when you enter the highway that you have enough speed to avoid an approaching car running into yours.

After you are on the highway there a few basic things to be aware of. The left lane is for passing and some states restrict the use of it for only that, passing. Speed limits have always been a tricky thing when it comes to safety. I would never recommend to cruise at the speed limit. I feel the safest way to drive on the highway is to try and keep spacing. Not only for the cars in front of you, but also for the cars next to you. Think about how many people are searching Tinder, Snapchatting, or checking their Myspace account while driving. Then you have the people who think they can text and drive. Either way, cruising the speed limit next to another vehicle is crazy. This also applies to 18 wheelers. Try to wait to pass them until you can pass them quickly, then give them enough space before you merge back into the right lane.

Another dangerous maneuver that I have witnessed a lot is passing to the right. Be sure to always pass on the left, and use your turn signals when changing lanes to alert the drivers behind you to your intentions.

Staying safe out on the road can be a challenge, but your actions play a big role in the success of your journeys.

Highway Driving Tips

Highway Driving Tips

By: Scott Teepe Jr.