How to Overcome Common Safety Violations

Is safety is near the top of your New Year’s Resolutions for your construction company?  ProActive Safety Services can help you achieve all of your safety goals for the New Year.  Whether you want to reduce workplace injuries or beef up your existing safety program, proActive has a solution.  Why not make 2013 your injury-free year? This is the time of year most employers are thinking of safety, because it is when OSHA releases their top ten lists of workplace safety violations.  Learn the common safety violations of the year, reflect on where you fit on the list, and contact proActive Safety Services!

Construction safety has come a long way in the past several years.  But, upon reviewing the common violations, one can see there is still work to be done to make workplaces safer.  The National Safety Council recently celebrated their 100 year anniversary and the following information was found on their website.

The Top 10 Cited Violations for 2012:

1) Fall Protection – General Requirements – 7, 250 Violations
2) Hazard Communication – 4,696 Violations
3) Scaffolding – 3,814 Violations
4) Respiratory Protection – 2,371 Violations
5) Ladders – 2,310 Violations
6) Machine Guarding – 2,097 Violations
7) Powered Industrial Trucks – 1,993 Violations
8) Electrical – Wiring Methods – 1,744 Violations
9) Lockout/Tagout – 1,572 Violations
10) Electrical – General Requirements – 1,332 Violations

Which of these problem areas do you struggle with the most in terms of safety?  Safety training, presentations, and safety time-outs are all potential solutions to make your construction company safer.

proActive Safety services can do audits and screenings to help you find problem areas, or if you know specific training your company would benefit from, proActive can help with that too!  They are your one-stop-shop for safety services. Make 2013 your safest year ever, with proActive Safety Services. To learn more about how to overcome common safety violations, contact us!