Importance of a Drug-Free Workplace

Safety in the workplace means there is no room for drug abuse.  However, drug abuse is a serious problem that affects the productivity of American businesses.  It is estimated that a hundred billion dollars a year is lost because of insurance claims, paid sick leave, theft and accidents due to drug use. Here’s more information on the importance of a drug-free workplace.

One way to reduce drug use losses is to implement a drug-testing system. Nowhere is drug testing more important than in the construction industry.  It is a safety service that can dramatically lower drug related losses because it helps eliminate the hiring of those who participate in drug use.

A study from Cornell done in 2000 found that construction companies that tested workers and job applicants had a 51% reduction in injury rates within 2 years of starting the drug-testing program.  The reduction in accidents results in substantial savings on workers’ compensation premiums.

Not only are there health and financial benefits, but implementing a drug-testing program can make for a better work environment for employees.  Employers and employees share similar goals.  In particular, both parties want the business to succeed.  In order to do so there has to be productive employees.  If a business decides not to drug test, there could be a greater chance of hiring a person who can’t find employment because of substance abuse.

Why is drug testing a good idea?

  • Drug users are three times more likely to call in sick.
  • Even though drug users are absent more often, they are four times more likely to cause accidents on the job.

What are the different types of drug screening?

  • Random drug testing
  • Reasonable suspicion drug testing
  • Annual drug testing
  • After treatment drug testing

What are the different kinds of drug tests available?

  • Urine—considered the staple because of ease in administration and quick results
  • Saliva
  • Hair—most accurate but sample needs to be sent to a lab

By using drug testing, employers are more likely to hire a productive team.  The benefits of a productive workforce far outweigh the costs of drug-testing.  Safety and productivity can be achieved creating the kind of environment in which people want to work.  Consider adding drug testing to your safety services. Then enjoy a high level of safety, productivity and morale that benefits both employer and employees.