Job Safety Analysis – Hazard Knowledge = Safe Projects

Unfortunately, each day over 10 people will not return home work in the United States of America

Job Safety Analysis


due to a workplace fatality. Thousands of others will be injured on the job. How do you help prevent injuries and fatalities? Conduct a daily job safety analysis and review it with your crew prior to work beginning.
Most crew members scope of work doesn’t change each day. However, a small change in work elevation, moving outdoors from indoors, or simply changing projects may drastically change the hazards faced. By conducting the job safety analysis each day, you should be able to capture these changes and get everyone on your crew aware of the hazards that they will face.
So, how does the job safety analysis work? Attached to this safety meeting you will find a blank pdf that you can edit to best suit your needs. Each day, prior to work beginning, complete the form. Feel free to call us if you have a hazard you aren’t sure about. Once you have identified all of the potential hazards for that day. You have to develop a plan for everyone to work safe. Luckily, most hazards have several engineering controls or personal protective equipment designed specifically for the tasks you are tackling. Simply write out the steps to be taken to avoid the hazard. Have everyone sign-off that they have the training to perform the tasks incident free, then get to work. At the end of the day each worker should sign out, acknowledging that they completed the tasks safely and worked incident free.
Performing a job safety analysis each day is a major key to safe projects and keeping your crew safe. Make this a priority and you will be well on your way to a safe, productive day, every day!

By: Scott Teepe Jr.