Keeping Flaggers Safe on the Job

When it comes to road construction, flaggers play an important role in keeping workers and citizens safe from construction vehicles, obstructed views and many other hazards. If flaggers are not able to do their job correctly, however, everyone is in danger.

One of the best ways for flaggers to remain safe is to make sure that they are always wearing the proper clothing. Flaggers need to be highly visible to oncoming traffic and other members of their construction team.

Improper clothing can lead to accidents involving flaggers simply because motorists or workers are unable to see flaggers. High-visibility apparel is essential for the safety and well-being of each person on the flagging team. Proper clothing typically includes reflective, brightly colored vests, safety footwear, hard hats and safety eyewear.

Flagging apparel also allows these workers to be identified as authority figures who need to be respected. This is especially important on road crews where flaggers need to deal with the members of the public who may be frustrated by unexpected delays as a result of traffic congestion.

Flaggers who encounter a frustrated citizen should keep in mind that a little bit of courtesy goes a long way. A flagger who displays empathy is far more likely to win over a driver than one who is dismissive. It’s important to remember that no one knows what each driver is dealing with in his or her personal life so professionalism and empathy are always essential tools for a flagger in order to prevent situations from escalating.

Further, flaggers should keep all conversations with motorists as short as possible. Flaggers are often asked a lot of questions by motorists who want to be on their way as quickly as possible. Keeping answers brief and to the point will allow flaggers to focus on their job at all times.

Flaggers need to be properly trained and always be aware of the particular processes and procedures of each job site. Flaggers are responsible for the safety of motorists and construction workers. Unless they keep themselves safe, however, they cannot perform either of these tasks.