Lightning Safety

Lightning is a natural disaster that is often a result of severe storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Every year, many people can be struck by lightning. Summer is the time of year when lightning strikes most often, causing fire and injuries. There is no safe place if you are outside during storm. You should go inside your home or seek shelter. Lightning also causes electrical surges and can damage electronics and equipment. Storms can be dangerous for employees working outside, as they can be struck by lightning. When you hear thunder it is likely that lightning is close enough to pose an immediate danger. At this point, you should immediately seek out shelter. The best prevention against lightning injuries is to closely monitor the weather, especially if you work outside.

  1. Lightning Safety Tips:
  • If you are in open water, immediately move to land and seek shelter.
  • If you are indoors:
    • Close all windows and doors.
    • Turn off all electronics and appliances.
    • Stay off corded phones – Use only cell phones or cordless phones.
    • Stay away from concrete floors or walls.
    • Do not unplug any equipment during a storm.
  • If a person is struck by lightning call 911 for help immediately and check the person’s breathing and heart rate. Conduct CPR if needed.
  • If you are away from shelter or a hard-topped vehicle and you are in danger of being struck by lightning immediately put your hands over your ears, put your head between your knees, and squat low to the ground on the balls of your feet. Do not lie on the ground.
  • If you are outdoors during a storm:
    • Fully close metal vehicles.
    • Stay away from power poles.
    • Do not stay under tall trees- take shelter under uniform height trees.
    • Do not stay on high ground.
    • Stay away from open fields and metal objects.
    • Remove any metal objects and place them away from yourself.