LOTO Safety

Lock out/tagout is a safety procedure for the service and maintenance of machines and electrical systems. It is intended to maintain a safe working environment for employees when working with hazardous equipment. It applies to all energy sources (chemicals, thermal, hydraulic, and mechanical). Effective lockout/tagout will protect employees by de-energizing (turning off) equipment and not energizing it again until the work is completed by authorized employees. OSHA requires 5 components to comply with the law: Lockout/tagout procedures, Lockout/tagout training, Lockout/tagout policy, Lockout/tagout devices and keys, and Lockout/tagout auditing every year. All procedures and authorized employees have to be reviewed.

  1. Lockout/Tag Out Procedure:
  • Notify all affected personnel and supervisor.
  • Identify the power source for the equipment.
  • Shut down equipment, as trained.
  • Use the specific lockout procedures for that equipment.
  • Do your work assignment properly (LOTO device application).
  • Make sure work area is clean.
  • Only authorized employees may perform a LOTO procedure.
  1. Reenergizing the Equipment:
  • Authorized person inspects the equipment, area, and all safety tools or devices.
  • Notify all affected personnel and supervisor.
  • Remove the tag and lock to restore energy, as trained.
  • Make sure all safety requirements are in place.