Nail Gun Safety

Nail guns are tools that are most commonly used in residential construction businesses, the roofing industry, and siding businesses. They are powerful, fast, and easy to use tools that have essentially replaced hammers for nailing tasks. Improper use of nail guns can cause injuries to workers. According to statistics, most of the injuries associated with nail guns are on hands and fingers. Sometimes these injuries can damage joints, bones, legs, and even feet. The safety risks of nail guns are caused by lack of training and fast working. Even if nail gun injuries are minimal, first aid and medical attention must be provided. Many of the standards covered in the OSHA regulations for the construction industry apply to nail gun use. OSHA and NIOSH have also developed guides for home builders, construction contractors, and subcontractors so that safety programs and information is available. This can help reduce or prevent nail gun injuries. Practical steps such as providing training, providing PPE, providing first aid, and establishing nail gun work procedures will help prevent nail gun injuries.

  1. Nail Gun Safety:
  • Use nail guns with only a single shot (May reduce the risk of injury).
  • Use full sequential trigger nail guns.
  • Have clear safety and work procedures for the use of nail guns.
    • Training
  • Encourage employees to discuss injuries and near misses.
  • Follow manufacturer safety instructions.
  • Inspect nail guns before each use. Maintenance is critical for safety.
  • Employees must know how to operate, fire, and handle nail guns in different positions and in different conditions.
  • Use a hammer for work at face or head height or when working in a tight space.
  • Use clean, dry air to power the gun. Do not use oxygen, carbon dioxide, or any compressed gas.
  • Always shoot nail guns away from your body and co-workers.
  • Do not carry the nail gun with your finger on the trigger.
  • Do not carry the nail gun by the hose.
  • Wear PPE (hard hat, high impact eye protection, safety glasses hearing protection and foot protection) when using a nail gun.
  • Always report injuries to managers.