Narrow Frame Scaffolds

Narrow frame scaffolds are assembled platforms used in the construction industry. They are comfortable, easy to move, and safe to use with wider and deeper areas to work.  They can be used for painting, drywall installation, plastering, and other tasks. Narrow frame scaffolds are safer than using ladders. Narrow frame scaffolds do, however, present some safety hazards. These can be electrical shocks, tip-over, or collapse. To prevent these safety hazards only authorized people can use a narrow frame scaffold. The trained employees must be aware of possible hazards, the type of scaffold used for the job, and how to avoid hazards. Trained employees must know how to erect, inspect, maintain, operate, move, adjust, and repair scaffolds. OSHA requires training of employees. Any applicable OSHA, ANSI, Federal, state, and local codes for specific requirements must be checked.

  1. Narrow Frame Scaffolding Safety Practices:
  • Do not climb on a scaffold unless adjustable legs are locked.
  • Remove any substances such as grease, oil, and other unsafe materials from platforms.
  • Do not move a scaffold with tools, materials, or equipment on it.
  • Floor must be free of debris, holes, and obstructions.
  • Apply the necessary force to move a scaffold close to the floor with man power.
  • Do not use powered tools to move a scaffold.
  • Workers on the scaffold must be warned prior to movement of it.
  • Scaffold height cannot be more than 2 sections.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions.
  • Conduct inspection prior to use.
  • Stay at least 10 feet away from power lines.
  • Lock scaffold wheels to prevent movement while in use.
  • Keep platform free from tripping hazards, such as tools and equipment.
  • Do not use any other items, such as boxes or barrels, to gain height on the scaffold.
  • While standing on the platform do not try to pull yourself from one location to another location.
  • Report any damage or defects to a supervisor immediately.
  • Do not use incomplete scaffolds.
  • All employees must be trained before using scaffolding.