Qualities of a Safe Workplace

Keeping your workplace safe is vital to the health and wellness of your employees and your company’s bottom line. And while you must keep improving safety efforts in order to ensure that you never fall behind, it also is important to recognize a job well done!

In order that you keep doing all that you can to keep your employees safe, you need to look back on what you have done to make sure that safety is priority number one! It is important that your employees know that you recognize their efforts, as well.

So how do you know it is time to give everyone in your company a well-deserved pat-on-the-back? What follows is a list of the qualities of a safe workplace:

  1. Safety is a priority for everyone—from the CEO to the newest hire. Ask anyone at your company about workplace health or safety and they will be well-versed on the issues.
  2. There is a culture of safety that permeates the company. This includes a safety plan and goals that everyone is familiar with.
  3. There is a proactive approach to safety. Potential problems are identified so they can be tackled before they happen. In other words, you aren’t always reacting to accidents or injuries, in most cases, you are focusing on prevention.
  4. Employees and management effectively communicate with each other regarding safety issues.
  5. Everyone is aware of the consequences of not following safety procedures and, if necessary, such consequences are consistently and uniformly applied.
  6. Managers and supervisors are available and present on worksites.
  7. Workers feel free to give feedback and suggestions regarding safety initiatives. Likewise, they feel comfortable reporting problems or issues they think need to be addressed.
  8. There is a low turnover rate and high job satisfaction.
  9. Safety audits are routinely conducted.
  10. Employees are rewarded for their commitment to safety and a job well done.
  11. Safety is viewed as an important investment, not a drain on company resources.
  12. Detailed accident and illness reports are always filed.
  13. Safety issues are dealt with quickly and thoroughly.

If these qualities describe your workplace, congratulations are in order—you are doing a great job. If there are places where improvements can be made, don’t despair. Safety is an ongoing process and there is always room for improvement!

Blackboard with the text Health and Safety at work