Recognizing Common Workplace Injuries

No matter what industry you work in, safety must be a priority. While certain industries—construction, for example—are riskier than others, all workplaces need to work hard to keep everyone safe.

There are some very common workplace safety hazards that can occur in almost every job, whether you work in a hospital, a hair salon or at an insurance agency. Since these safety issues are universal and, unfortunately, all too common, it is important to make sure you are familiar with these dangers. Here are some tips on recognizing common workplace injuries.

Trips and Falls. Wet floors, loose cords, or cluttered floors cause trips, slips, and falls. Make sure floors are always clean, dry, and uncluttered.

Chemical Exposure. When people think of chemicals, they think of things like battery acid or harmful pesticides. The truth is, exposure to chemicals can occur when things like cleaning products are mislabeled or mishandled. Fumes from bleach or ammonia can cause problems, as well. Therefore, all these types of products need to be labeled and stored correctly.

Repetitive Motions. Whether you are hammering all day or sitting at a computer, it is important to know how to do your job in a way that will allow you to avoid repetitive motion injuries. This can include taking breaks or making sure you are using the correct type of workstation.

Back Injuries. Heavy lifting isn’t unique to specific jobs. Lifting patients in a hospital bed or carrying a large box of printer paper can cause back strain. That is why everyone needs to know the proper way to lift heavy objects, even when they think they will never be called on to do it.

Workplace Violence. Workplace violence, although it seems unimaginable, is more common than we like to think. Training employees on how to recognize and deal with unstable situations or people is essential to keep in the workplace safe.

Employers and employees need to be aware of the expected and unexpected when it comes to on-the-job injuries. In many cases, people believe that if an injury will not result in long-term injury or death, it isn’t worth thinking about. This is unfortunate since even an ankle sprain can mean lost productivity, worker compensation claims, and pain. Training employees to be safe no matter what their surroundings will pay off for employees and employers alike.

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