Resting in Construction

According to the Bureau of Labor, construction work is one of the most dangerous types of work, as workers must spend long hours to accomplish manual labor or skilled tasks on construction sites. Overwork, stress, and inadequate rest can create safety hazards at the work site. Deadlines, weather, and budget are often the reason for long work hours. Every employer is required to provide reasonable break time in a designated room or location at the workplace for employees. Rest breaks are necessary to prevent heat or cold related illnesses, injuries, and accidents at the workplace. Using these breaks to cool off and drink water can help to prevent workplace accidents. OSHA recommends short and frequent breaks to help prevent heat illness and accidents. Workers who receive frequent breaks are generally more productive and efficient in their work. Construction workers should be trained on the symptoms of heat and cold related illnesses. In addition, managing work schedules (task rotation, scheduling workers during cooler parts of the day) may help to prevent accidents or injuries on construction sites.

  1. Suggestions for Resting in Construction:
  • Take several short breaks in the shade during the shift.
  • Drink water frequently if working during hot days.
  • Know who must be notified in emergency situations.
  • Know the person responsible for providing first aid.
  • Always have a trained person on site who has been educated on heat/cold related illnesses and will be able to manage a safe work schedule.