RRP Rule – Firm Certification

RRP Rule – Firm Certification

The Renovation, Repair and Painting Final Rule (RRP Rule) requires that all covered renovations be performed by certified firms using certified renovators and other trained workers.

Certification is active for 5 years and allows the firm to perform renovations in any non-authorized state or Native American Tribal Area (although states, territories and tribes may seek their own authorizations if preferred).  To become certified, firms must apply and pay a certification fee to the EPA.

Be aware that Firm Certification is not the same as the personal certification attained by each renovator’s successful completion of this course.   It is always best practice to determine if your own state, territorial or tribal government has any additional regulations that may affect renovation in your community before beginning work.

It can take up to 90 days for the firm certification approval.  Your firm must be certified to work in target housing built prior to 1978.  Once you have your firm certification you will be subject to random record keeping inspections by the EPA.  Recently, we have a had a few attendees to the Lead Renovator Class mention that they were audited even though they weren’t certified.  If you are a pulling a permit, that will be a public record that the Environmental Protection Agency can use to see who is working illegally.

If you have questions regarding EPA firm certification or would like to get your firm certified go to www.epa.gov/lead/getcertified.

We offer EPA Lead Renovator Certification in Dallas, Denver, Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, Orlando, St. Louis, and several other cities every two weeks.  To get certified, click here to check out our training calendar, email [email protected], or dial 877-209-9648.

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RRP Rule - Firm Certification

RRP Rule – Firm Certification