RRP Waste Disposal

RRP Waste Disposal

RRP Waste Disposal is very straightforward and simple.  The key to successfully controlling the waste is having a solid plan on what to do with it.  Before the job begins the Certified Renovator in charge of the project should develop and review a plan on what to do with the garbage.  Who is transporting the waste, where it will be disposed, and on-the-job storage should all be discussed prior the start of the job.  Paint chips, chemical sludge, HEPA filters, and water-based waste are all considered hazardous waste.  All the waste except the water-based waste can be disposed in the heavy-duty garbage bags.  Water, in most cases can be poured down a toilet using a 5-micron filter.  Everyone needs to be briefed that if they use water, it must be reclaimed.  In Ohio, hoses and pressure washers are prohibited.

At the worksite, place waste in heavy-duty bags and “gooseneck seal” the bag.  Six mil bags are preferred, however two, three mil bags can be used if six mil bags are unavailable.  Wet wipe or HEPA vacuum the exterior of the bag before removing it from the work area.  If possible, wait until the end of the day to remove the waste, this will help limit trips.

If water is used for cleanup, it may be able to be filtered and dumped in a toilet if local rules permit but you should NEVER dump this water down a sink, bathtub, storm drain or on the ground.  Filtering waste water through a 5-micron filter may be necessary when lead-contamination such as paint chips or dust may be present in the water.  It is always recommended that you check with your local water treatment authority for more information.  Always dispose of waste water in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

Always check Federal, state and local requirements before disposing of waste. Some states have enacted more stringent waste management and disposal requirements than Federal regulations. You need to become aware of how Federal, state and local requirements affect the management and disposal of renovation waste in your area.

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RRP Waste Disposal

Learn about RRP Waste Disposal

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