Safety Inspections and Accountability

The recent salmonella outbreak, linked directly to Peanut Corporation of America and their knowingly contaminated product, lead to 714 people being infected and 9 deaths in 46 states. A 28-year prison sentence was imposed on the executive owner, being the most severe punishment given to a producer in a food-borne illness incident in U.S. history. Those implicated in the matter included the executive’s brother, who distributed the contaminated product to other manufacturers, and the quality control manager.

Being a business owner, you are held accountable for any negligence, misconduct, or ignorance in the workplace, directly and indirectly. As in the case with Peanut Corporation of America, which has since been disbanded, this safety and health hazard could have easily been prevented. Proper safety inspections and accountability for safety staffing is essential to avoid any injuries, health hazards, and other potential dangers in the workplace. The right safety protocols are crucial in order to protect employees’ jobs and health, as well as consumers and even the business itself from liability damages.

A health or safety violation can be avoided. Educate yourself on the rules and regulations in the workplace and inform your employees. Check out OSHA’s rules and regulations, as well as the EPA and the CDC, to name a few, to be sure you are up to date. Contact us here at proActive Safety Services for any questions regarding the newest rules and regulations about safety, inspections and procedures in the workplace.

Safety Inspection