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Airborne Leaded Dust: Specialized Tools

During renovations, we can great a lot of Airborne Leaded Dust if we aren’t using specialized tools. Traditional power tools lack HEPA filtration systems. The lack of filtration causes large quantities of Airborne Leaded Dust. Large jobs may require special considerations to get the job done. Only power tools designed to remove paint or other surface coatings equipped with attached HEPA-filtered local capture ventilation may be used when lead-based paint is present or presumed to be present.

Electric power tools such as sanders, grinders, circular saws, reciprocating saws, planers and drills produce dust and debris. Because they are electric, wet methods are not safe. Pneumatic and battery powered tools prevent shock hazards. Such tools must have a shroud or containment system equipped with a HEPA vacuum attachment to contain the dangerous leaded dust and paint chips that are generated by their use.

Specialized tools with attached HEPA-filtered capture ventilation collect and filter dust and debris as it is created. A shroud at the head of the tool helps to contain the dust and paint chips as the vacuum draws away dust and debris for safe storage in the vacuum canister. This makes the job cleaner and safer.
Abrasive blasting is very effective at removing large areas of paint quickly, but these practices require special HEPA filtration equipment that contains the blast medium, dust and paint chips without releasing dust into the air or into the containment.

Containment is even more important when using specialized tools. Proper containment and cleaning are crucial even when using HEPA-filtered specialized tools. These tools generate a lot of dust inside a localized negative pressure (vacuum) environment. If the vacuum fails or if the vacuum seal created by the shroud is broken, large volumes of dust can be released. Nonetheless, HEPA-filtered specialized tools can reduce dust levels when used properly, and can aid work production by shortening the cleaning time and lowering cost.

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specialized tools photo

specialized tools photo