Sprinkler System Safety

You’ve taken the first step in safety services and installed a high-quality sprinkler system in the workplace. This is definitely a move in the right direction, but the process doesn’t end there. Even the best sprinkler system is subject to wear and tear over the years, which is why regular testing remains a necessity for long-term sprinkler system safety.

Sprinkler Testing: How Often Should You Check Your System?

It’s easy to forget about your sprinkler system after it’s been installed, but this approach is certainly not advisable. There is no one correct way of going about this process; the perfect frequency will depend somewhat on the nature of the setting, with considerations such as climate, structure style and the frequency of renovations all coming into play. In general, it’s advisable to seek a full sprinkler system check at least once every year, plus an additional time whenever the structure of your workplace changes significantly. Consulting on the appropriate frequency may be necessary, depending on the nature of your facilities.

Maintaining Your Sprinkler System

Even annual or biannual checks to your sprinkler system will not be enough to make up for careless workplace procedures. To ensure the continued efficacy of sprinklers, you should make a point of keeping the system clean and well cared for. This means avoiding clutter in and around your sprinkler system setup, plus avoiding the temptation to hang objects from the sprinkler apparatus or paint any segment of the sprinkler. It’s important for you to explain these basic guidelines to all employees, as a well-intentioned mistake could completely undermine the safety services you’ve set in place through the careful installation and maintenance of your sprinkler system.

In addition to vetting all employees on requirements for maintaining sprinkler safety, you’ll want to make a point of conducting monthly checks to ensure that all valves are maintained in the open position. Furthermore, it’s important to look into pressure levels at least once a month, as levels outside of the recommended water pressure could result in sprinkler system malfunction at the most inopportune time. Thus, personal monthly checks should be added to your calendar, alongside the official maintenance consulting taking place on an annual basis.

Keeping your workplace safe is a huge responsibility — and a functioning sprinkler system plays a major part in that endeavor. To keep your workplace safe, make a point of scheduling a full sprinkler system check at least once every year; you’ll thank yourself later.