Walking Working Surfaces

There are many things that make up this topic. Anytime we are at work we are on walking working surfaces.

 This is important for not only keeping a clean area, it also helps eliminate the chances for slips, trips, and falls.

  1. Clean up any liquids that present a slipping hazard.
  2. Never leave lumber around with protruding nails.
  3. Never block an emergency exit, E&O, or disconnect.

Illumination: We can not see in the dark, so there must be adequate lighting on any project or workplace. OSHA has minimum standards for different locations such as general lighting, warehouse lighting, and retail and egress areas, to name a few.

Holes and Floor Openings:
These are hazards presented to us everyday on our walking working surfaces. They must be guarded or secured to keep a person from falling in or tripping on them. If you have to cover a hole or an opening it must:

  1. Be capable of withstanding, without failure, twice the anticipated load applied.
  2. Be marked as a “HOLE” or “COVER”.
  3. Be secured from displacement.