Wellness Programs

Can you answer these questions about your companies wellness program?

  • Does your company have wellness initiatives in place?
  • Are wellness programs or incentives offered through your companies health insurance provider?
  • Are wellness programs or resources available in your community?

Wellness is defined as the combination of good physical and mental health maintained by proper diet, exercise, lifestyle choices, and health habits. You may not think there is a link to wellness and workplace safety however poor health can lead to workplace injuries, significantly increased injury costs, and has an impact negatively on productivity and quality.

The list below provides a few positive impacts wellness programs can have on safety:

  • Strength, endurance, and coordination can all be enhanced.
  • Focus, precision, and alertness can all be enhanced.
  • Lower absenteeism and lateness due to illness.
  • Lower short term and log term disability due to chronic disease.

So, how can you achieve a safer and healthier workplace? Here are a few ideas. Can you think of any more?

  • Establish a wellness committee to promote wellness initiatives.
  • Take breaks throughout the day to move and stretch.
  • Establish a walking group.
  • Organize wellness competitions such as a Biggest Loser group or physical activity challenges.

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