Could workplace exposures be causing your health problems?

Each day American workers are exposed toxic agents, communicable diseases, and health hazards. Depending on where you work and what you do can drastically increase your risks of exposure.
Diagnosing health conditions is a very difficult task. Doctors spend years in medical school, residencies, and complete continuing education. With all of this experience it is still very easy for them to make a mistake. A common source of their mistakes is a lack of information. It is easy for things to “fall through the cracks” when a doctor is seeing several patients an hour, nurses, and support staff are bogged down with regulatory paperwork, etc.

In order for you to get the most effective medical treatment, a few things need to happen. First you should familiarize yourself with the Safety Data Sheets provided by your employer. Second, you should understand the hazards you are going to face and know if those hazards can have negative health effects. Third, make sure you communicate the health hazards you are exposed to while working your medicals pros!

Getting the most effective medical care requires you to provide as much information as possible when being treated. Use your daily Job Safety Analysis to identify your hazards, and make sure you communicate your exposures when receiving medical care.

Workplace Exposures

Workplace Exposures

By: Scott Teepe Jr.