Did you know that of the most commonly cited standards by OSHA, the second highest is for Hazard Communication standards? Each year, more than 32 million workers are exposed to 650,000 chemicals in nearly 3 million workplaces in the United States. As an employer it is your duty to form a Hazard Communication Program, which includes Material Safety Data sheets, labels for all harmful and hazardous chemicals and training of your entire workforce on all of the above information. Our GHS Hazard Communication Program can help in this process.
Having an untrained workforce exposes your employees to numerous hazards, and leaves you as the Employer exposed to OSHA fines and possible litigation. Our Hazard Communication Program Training will lay the groundwork for a formal Hazard Communication Program and provide all of the key elements that go into implementing the program such as the use of Material Safety Data Sheets and formation of chemical labels.
Our proActive Safety Services staff has successfully trained over 5000 students and are experts in preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace. Our training approach will familiarize the students with the reason why a written Hazard Communication Program is required, the important elements that need to be included in the written Hazard Communication Program, and the benefits of being trained on all of this information. Students will also learn about Material Safety Data Sheets and why they should be able to identify where they are located at all times.
Our expert training staff will cover all essential Hazard Communication Program features such as an overview of the Hazard Communication Program, information on chemical labels and how to obtain and use available hazard information. The proper use of PPE and protective measures such as engineering controls will also be demonstrated.
An effective Hazard Communication Program is an important part of any company’s safety culture. By proactively training your employees on your company’s Hazard Communication Program, you are making a long term investment in their safety. We have what it takes to protect your most valued asset, your people!