Having a Health and Safety Manual is crucial to developing a strong safety culture. We use a very simple process to create a Health and Safety Manual. Our manual makes sense for your business.  Your employees will face several different hazards while working.  On average, 13 workers will die today at work.  It is crucial for your employees to understand the hazards they are going to face.  How to protect themselves, and abide by the company policies in place.  Our Health and Safety Manual has been designed to give everyone a clear expectation Of their responsibilities.  Each policy is made up of the following seven sections:

  1. Purpose
  2. Hazards
  3. Procedure
  4. Employee Responsibilities
  5. Personal Protective Equipment
  6. Required Training
  7. Forms

By explaining the purpose of the manual it is easier to understand what the hazards are. Having a solid procedure in place to deal with hazards is critical for employee protection.  Each employee must understand what their role is! Finally the last line of defense is the personal protective equipment required.  The last two sections document the safety training that will be needed prior to task assignment, and any forms that will be needed to complete the task safely.

By detailing the training requirements by frequency, policy, and employee, we are easily able to develop a comprehensive training schedule.  Your training schedule serves as an easy guide for your to get your training program into compliance.

Field Safety Checklist

Finally, we include a Field Safety Checklist to help you manage your program on a weekly basis.  The Field Safety Checklist includes:

  1. Self-Safety Inspection Form
  2. Daily Job Safety Analysis Forms
  3. Weekly Safety Meeting Form
  4. Safety Data Sheet Request Form
  5. Chemical Inventory List

Our Health and Safety Manual Includes:

Field Safety Checklist
Comprehensive Training Schedule
Safety Policies and Procedures
Safety Policy Forms

Our Process

Simply complete the form below.  Once you complete the form, we will complete the manual within one business day. We will contact you to collect payment.  Once we collect payment, we will email the Health and Safety Manual.

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