Safety Inspections

    Inspecting safety items and keeping records of it all can be a burden. Leave the safety inspections (audits) and record-keeping to us, so you can focus on your business!

    We make safety inspections and record-keeping easy.  Our safety inspection process will keep your facility or project in compliance with inspection requirements, assist your employees and supervisors in solving their safety challenges, build trust in company leadership, and create accountability for your safety goals.  We can customize an inspection process to fit your needs; our standard inspection process includes:

    • Safety Inspection scheduling
    • Safety compliance checklist review
    • Electronic safety inspection with pictures
    • Inspection review and recommendations with Staff Contact
    • Email to Customer Contact with electronic safety inspection
    • Review call to Customer Contact
    • Upload to secure online portal page

    Every safety inspection we conduct our goal is to document positive safety behaviors on a 2 to 1 ratio if possible.  We will offer suggestions on how to implement your safety discipline program, mitigate hazards, and what training is needed to avoid repeating hazards.

    We also offer mock compliance audits, eye-wash activation, and several other types of inspections.  We have a diverse team of safety professionals with several different backgrounds.

    Whether you’re interested in weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual inspections, we can tailor our safety inspection services to fit your needs!  Email or contact us toll free by dialing 877-209-9648.