Safety Meeting Facilitation

    Safety Meeting Facilitation

    We are experts at delivering a safety meeting facilitation at your project, facility, or conference center. A safety meeting or toolbox talk is a brief safety talk or meeting about a specific subject at the beginning of the shift. These talks, or, safety meetings, can be done in a variety of ways but are typically a 2-5-minute interactive discussion that takes place just before the beginning of a new work shift.  As an employer, it is essential to remind employees each day before they go to work, the importance of being safe.

    We are always available to deliver a safety meeting facilitation for you. However, this is an area that you can save money by having your supervisors ensure this are completed each week. Every month we provide free safety meetings that you can download for free. Our download packet includes instructions on how to conduct the meeting each week. Also, it is important to have each employee lead the safety meeting at least once per quarter if possible. A big part of improving your safety culture is getting everyone involved. Conducting your safety meetings on your own provides a great way to include everyone in your safety culture.

    How to Conduct a Weekly Safety Meeting

    • Hold the meeting on the job, preferably where everyone can sit and relax.
    • Hold the meeting at the beginning of the shift, right after lunch, or after a break.
    • Supervisors do not always have to lead the meeting. Encourage other employees in your group to lead a meeting. Task an experienced employee or someone that just attended training with presenting a topic that week.
    • Encourage as much employee participation as possible yet keep your meeting short. Ask questions about the topic to generate discussion and get employees involved.

    Weekly safety meetings have proved their worth by alerting employees to workplace hazards, and by preventing accidents, illnesses and on-the-job injuries.

    Since 2009, our training professionals have successfully instructed thousands of training classes.  We will deliver an interactive and fast-paced training experience and make completing the training course easy.  Safety meetings will familiarize your employees with the importance of staying safe daily. Our safety specialists strive to utilize teamwork with your employees to create an enjoyable and informative learning environment during the quick safety meeting.  Safety meetings will provide your employees with important knowledge on various safety topics that relate to your specific industry.

    We can complete safety meetings at your facility, project, conference center, or at our training facility in Cincinnati, OH. We routinely travel teaching our EPA RRP Lead Renovator Initial Certification Training. Currently our schedule includes 30 states. In most cases, if you can work around our schedule. We can deliver whatever training course you need with very little to no travel cost.

    By implementing practical and affordable safety meetings to help educate your employees a little bit more every day, you are taking the essential first steps in ensuring the health and safety of your entire workforce.  Utilizing our training professionals to conduct safety meetings at your office, jobsite or facility will start the work shift off right, with a focus on safety and an ignited awareness for potential occupational hazards. You’ll breathe a little easier knowing that your workers have not just a boost in their confidence, but the improved skillset to safely navigate jobs.  We have what it takes to protect your most valued asset, your people.  Dial 877-209-9648 or email to register.

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    Safety Meeting Frequently Asked Questions:

    Are regular safety talks or toolbox talks required by law?

    No. OSHA does not have a standard that requires employers to conduct regular safety meetings.  Additionally, if safety talks are conducted by employers, they are not required to be documented and records of that meeting kept.  However, conducting regular safety meetings (safety talks, toolbox talks, etc.) and keeping documentation of those meetings are a great, fast and easy way to remind employees each day before they go to work, the importance of being safe.  It also shows employees that their safety is of utmost importance to you, their employer.

    Can you get certified in Toolbox Talk, Safety Talk or Safety Meeting topics?

    Because these meetings are optional, and topics of meetings are at employer discretion, there is no certification given or required by having these meetings.  Remember, these meetings are very brief and only last 2-5 minutes; they are simply safety reminders and tips for the day.

    How do I pick topics for Safety Meetings?

    You can cover any safety topics of relevance for that day, week, job or equipment for the focus of your meeting.  Topic selection is totally up to the employer or holder of the meeting.  We have a large variety of safety meetings available for download on our website under the Free Resources tab.

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