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Wondering if a full or part-time safety professional is needed for your project?   Need a safety staffing professional for safety oversight? Are you having safety issues with your subcontractors? Everyday Construction Managers, General Contractors, and Clients are demanding safer projects. It is common to see requirements for full-time safety staffing when your crew exceeds ten employees or while simply working at your customers facility.  Hiring a full time employee to meet these demands is often a cost that cannot be substantiated.

We can staff your project or facility with highly skilled safety professionals. Whether your need is full or part-time, nights, weekends, or a specified period, we provide Safety Specialists who are eager to travel and willing to work the hours needed to get the job finished.  Since 2009, we have successfully staffed Safety Specialists at construction projects, manufacturing facilities, mine sites, and power plants.

With the recent partnership between OSHA and the Department of Justice, criminal prosecution for workplace safety violations is inevitable.  If you know you need assistance getting into compliance. We provide safety staffing in order to get your company into compliance and jump start your safety initiatives.  Our Safety Specialist will work from your office or project in order to get the information we need as quickly as possible to accelerate the compliance process which will save you time and money.

We take pride on our ability to be flexible to meet your needs.  We are extremely competitive with our hourly rates, and work with you to find someone in your price range if possible.

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“proActive’s team was a huge boost to our morale and employee safety. Their knowledge, presence and focus helped us improve our safety program and have allowed us to greatly reduce our accidents and injuries in the past 12 months. Bringing them in to help was a great decision.”

Fred Matthews

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Safety Staffing

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