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We know that your safety staffing needs can change at moment’s notice. Our Safety Specialists are willing and eager to work within your Safety Program to deliver the safety staffing services that you need, when you need them.

Wondering if a full or part-time safety professional is needed for your project? Need a safety staffing professional for safety oversight? Are you having safety issues with your subcontractors? Everyday Construction Managers, General Contractors, and Clients are demanding safer projects. It is common to see requirements for full-time safety staffing when your crew exceeds ten employees. Or while simply working at your customers facility.  Hiring a full-time employee to meet these demands is often a cost that cannot be substantiated.

We can staff your project or facility with highly skilled safety professionals. Whether your need is full or part-time, nights, weekends, or a specified period, we provide Safety Specialists who are eager to travel and willing to work the hours needed to get the job finished. Since 2009, we have successfully staffed Safety Specialists at construction projects, manufacturing facilities, mine sites, and power plants. Our customers range from small family owned contractors and manufacturing facilities all the way up to the biggest corporations in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need Safety Staffing?

We are asked all the time by small General Contractors and Construction Manager if they are responsible for their subcontractor’s safety compliance. The answer to the question is yes. The controlling contractor must ensure safety requirements are met and followed. With thousands of staffing hours and safety inspections completed. It is clear to us that most subcontractors need safety oversight. Ideally, they all submit a Job Safety Analysis to your Project Superintendent. If it is a small job, that is easy for the Project Superintendent to manager. However, once the job has over 20 employees it is crucial that you have someone with a safety background to promote a safety culture, be available to solve safety challenges, and be available to help enforce your company’s safety standards.

How much do your Safety Specialist’s cost?

Depending on the experience and qualifications required. Our Safety Specialists will be billed to you between $80 – $100 per hour for short term projects. For longer term projects the range will be between $60 – $80 per hour. Our goal is to develop a partnership that is a “win, win” for both of us. We have several full time Safety Specialists and will always be able to cover vacations, holiday’s, etc.

Why should I choose proActive Safety Services for my Safety Staffing needs?

Established in 2009 our team has developed several partnerships with local government agencies, safety resources, and safety experts. Our Safety Specialists go through rigorous training in all aspects of there specialized field. We have completed every Safety Staffing assignment since 2009 and we are always available as a free resource via the telephone after our contract ends. We take pride in meeting your schedule and are eager to work with you.

Do we charge for travel?

This always depends on the situation. We do have safety specialists available throughout the country, but we are still a small business. We are willing to find a local resource, train them, and staff them on your project. That can eliminate most of the travel costs. However, we do feel it is important that a management member visits the project the initial day to develop the project specific procedures.

When is Safety Staffing not needed?

This is a tricky one to put a blanket statement to. This really all depends on the level of safety program you have, if it is implemented, and what your injury history is. We have a simple system that any company can follow that will allow you to implement your safety program. Give us a call to find out more on how simple it is.

How many days do I have to pay?

We are very flexible with this. Once we have established a relationship, it is a lot easier to extend lengthy payment terms. However, lengthy terms can be established if needed.

Can we hire the person you send to work on our Safety Staffing project?

Yes, we charge a fee of $25,000 to hire our resources. Feel free to call in to discuss this, but we have a giant cost to get our safety specialists trained. We require written consent by our President if you would like to offer employment to one of our Safety Specialists.

How often do you send your billing?

This is different for each scenario. Typically, we like to bill weekly this provides a sense of security as we can monitor the payments each week. However, we are flexible with legitimate credit references.

Can your Safety Specialists staff multiple projects for the same company?

Certainly, we will work with you to put together a safety staffing schedule that makes sense for your workload and resource distribution.

How does OSHA factor into all of this?

With the recent partnership between OSHA and the Department of Justice, criminal prosecution for workplace safety violations is inevitable. If you know you need assistance getting into compliance. We provide safety staffing to get your company into compliance and jump start your safety initiatives. Our Safety Specialist will work from your office or project to get the information we need as quickly as possible to accelerate the compliance process which will save you time and money.

With OSHA Fines starting above $15,000 it no longer makes sense to take risks with Safety!

We take pride on our ability to be flexible to meet your needs.  We are extremely competitive with our hourly rates, and work with you to find someone in your price range if possible.

For more information, fill out the form below, email, or dial 877-209-9648.

“proActive’s team was a huge boost to our morale and employee safety. Their knowledge, presence and focus helped us improve our safety program and have allowed us to greatly reduce our accidents and injuries in the past 12 months. Bringing them in to help was a great decision.”

Fred Matthews


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