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Thank you for visiting our page!  Since 2009 our mission is simple and has remained the same.  Reduce accidents and injuries for our customers!

Our tagline Train. Protect. Prevent. is simple, direct, and to the point.  That is exactly how we strive to make the difficult task of managing safety along with your business.

proActive Safety Services has a thorough understanding of OSHA compliance standards and strong established OSHA relations, as well as excellent customer service. We have what it takes to assist in protecting your most valued assets, your people.

Since 2009 we have successfully completed over:

proActive Safety Services provides expert consultation, training and safety programs to businesses seeking to establish or improve their safety program. We also offer personal protective equipment. We are passionate about safety and pride ourselves in fostering close partnerships with our clients.

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Safety Training

Affordable, Flexible Safety Training!

Providing safety training for your employees is the right thing to do! We understand that training is expensive and difficult to schedule. If you truly consider the cost of not training your employees if something goes wrong, peace of mind is hard to come by.

Identifying the hazards your employees will face, and designing and tracking your training program to meet those training needs is critical to keeping your accident and injury rates low. With low injury rates and healthy, confident employees, productivity remains high. Trust us to design, track, and fulfill your training requirements. Contact us today to schedule a free safety training assessment!

Are you in need of the EPA/HUD RRP Initial or Refresher Lead Renovator Training? We currently offer open enrollment classes in 9 states, and can come to your business, conference center, or facility! We offer class discounts and per student discounts for 3 or more attendees. Contact us today to sign up for a class or to schedule a training at your facility!

At proActive Safety Services we offer affordable training courses, with flexible scheduling. Our safety training courses can be conducted at your facility, conference center, project, or either of our two permanent training centers.


Safety Services

Safety Services Designed to Improve Your Business!

Safety requirements are always evolving and changing. Employing a full time safety professional is expensive, and in a lot of cases not needed. proActive Safety Services monitors the latest changes and updates and will alert you when it is time to update your policies. Currently trying to get your policies through an approval agency? We have completed several policies for ISNET, PICS, and MICS. If you are currently without safety policies that can be put into practice we can help you determine what is needed. We offer custom safety programs that focus on building on the positive safety actions observed, while giving everyone the tools and knowledge they need to remain safe while performing their job. Utilize our Safety Services to maintain compliance. Contact us today to schedule a free 5 min safety assessment!

Building a strong safety culture is almost impossible without conducting routine safety inspections of your work areas. Without inspections you will be unable to effectively administer your safety discipline program. If you fail to administer your safety discipline program your safety program will be ineffective!  proActive Safety Services strongly encourages that each supervisor conducts a weekly self-inspection at any project or facility. These self-inspections will give you the documentation needed to effectively manage and improve your safety policies as well as the information needed to administer your safety discipline program. We provide detailed inspections, complete with photos, positive and negative safety observations, and a document that you can use to praise your employees, administer discipline, but most importantly, fix the hazards identified. Contact us today to schedule a safety inspection.

Occasionally you may encounter OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). proActive Safety Services has represented several companies at several OSHA inspections and informal conferences. OSHA brings a lot of unique and dynamic challenges that you may not want to counter alone. It is important that you contact a company that has experience dealing with OSHA Inspectors and Area Directors when you do happen to encounter OSHA. At proActive Safety Services we offer a free phone consultation to any company that has been fined by OSHA within the last 90 days. Contact us today to find out more!

Everyday your customers are increasing requirements for full-time safety professionals on their projects. We understand that your work schedules will vary, projects start and stop, and that it can be sometimes unfeasible to hire a safety professional to meet your customers needs. Over the past 7 years we have established a dynamic pool of safety professionals available to meet your schedule and varying safety disciplines. Our goal at proActive Safety Services is to provide you with a friendly, affordable safety professional that adds to your productivity and fills the safety gap for that project. Contact us today to find out if we have a safety professional to meet your needs!

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