Skid Steer Training

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Did you know that the two most common ways in which workers are killed or injured on Skid Steers are from being crushed by moving parts or rollover accidents? What both of these types of injuries have in common are that they are both extremely preventable in nature. OSHA recommends that in order to avoid these types of preventable injuries, companies should take steps such as training and education in order to keep their employees ready and aware of all possible hazards. Having an untrained workforce exposes your employees to numerous hazards, and leaves you as the employer exposed to OSHA fines and possible litigation. Our Skid Steer training course will help to better educate your employees on how to properly operate the Skid Steer and ways to prevent the two most common hazards related to Skid Steer work: Roll over and Moving parts. By preparing your workers in these critical areas you are ensuring their long-term safety and making sure that they will be aware of how to properly use the equipment that is required for their everyday job activities. Our proActive Safety Services staff has successfully trained over 5000 students and are experts in preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace. Our interactive training approach will encourage your employees to feel comfortable whenever it is necessary for them to operate the Skid Steer. Our course also gives them a first-hand look at the proper operation techniques to ensure the safety of their co-workers who would be with them during normal usage. Your employees will also learn about proper entry and exit procedures as well as the proper steps to ensure safe maneuvering of the Skid Steer. As a result of going through the Skid Steer training course your employees will gain the knowledge necessary to operate a Skid Steer safely and efficiently. They will also take note of your commitment to their future safety and therefore you will also see a boost in their team morale. As with any piece of heavy-duty machinery, Skid Steers can present a variety of different hazards to your workforce if they remain untrained and unaware of possible associated dangers. By proactively training your employees to use the Skid Steer in the proper manner, you are making a long-term investment in their safety. We have what it takes to protect your most valued asset, your people! For pricing and additional information on our Skid Steer Training, please contact us or call us today 877-209-9648. Check out more free resources on Skid Steer Training: Equipment Training Isn’t Optional
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How Do You Benefit From OSHA Training
This Budget Season Remember to Budget for Safety Skid Steer Frequently Asked Questions: Is Skid Steer Training required by law? Yes. OSHA requires any skid steer operators to be trained and certified (OSHA CFR 1926.21). How long is my Skid Steer certification good for? Skid Steer certifications are good for three years from the date of certification.   Do I need Skid Steer Certification to operate a skid steer?   Yes.  OSHA requires operators to be certified to use a skid steer and you also may need authorization from your employer.    Do I need complete Skid Steer Training to operate a skid steer for a quick, one-time job? Again, yes.  Even if you are just going to operate a skid steer one time for a specific job, OSHA requires operators to be certified and you also may need authorization from your employer.    What is Skid Steer Training? Skid Steer Training instructs operators on precautions, efficient skid steer inspection, safety precautions, safe operating procedures, emergency situations, etc. There is a great deal of information covered in this course and that includes firsthand operation experiences.    How do I know if I need Skid Steer Training? If you work in a job that requires you to use a skid steer for earth-moving or other related job tasks, even occasionally or rarely, you need skid steer training.  Any contractors, employees and even temporary workers that may use a skid steer on the job must be trained and certified in skid steer training.   How can I prevent Skid Steer accidents?  The best way to prevent skid steer-related injury, accidents or death is by getting educated and certified in Skid Steer Training.   Skid Steer Train the Trainer Every few years, companies are expected to train their employees on a variety of safety standards.  From how to operate, service and maintain heavy machinery to identifying and labeling hazardous chemicals and controlling toxic dusts on a jobsite, these are all potential hazards that contribute to thousands of injuries and deaths each year in the United States.  One easy way to ensure that this process is kept up to date is to appoint a trainer within the company who can train your employees from within as well as train new hires in a quick and manageable manner. Having certified trainers within your business also means you’ll be able to train employees when it works best for your company and your people.   Our Skid Steer Train the Trainer Course is just one example of many Train the Trainer Courses we can provide for your business.  It covers explanations general safety precautions, safe operating procedures, emergency situations and driving and operation tests.  This Skid Steer Train the Trainer course provides your employees with proper instruction techniques, so your trainer will be able to demonstrate and relay important procedures to the rest of your crews during future onsite trainings. Your trainer will also be able to evaluate the skid steer operator’s performance to ensure safe execution.  Students will learn the best practices for conducting such trainings along with having the authorization record and obtaining certifications for their students. Our Skid Steer Train the Trainer Course, as well as our other Train the Trainer courses, are a great option for organizations looking to have one or more employees that can teach and certify various safety topics relevant to your business.  Having a trainer on your crew can greatly diminish the number of incidents at the workplace. By pro-actively training your employees and offering them an onsite trainer, you are making a long-term investment in their safety.  Having an on-site trainer will help keep your company in compliance from OSHA fines as well as help you continue to protect your most valued asset, your people.  Dial 877-209-9648 or email to register. 

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