Are you are a contractor working in houses built prior to 1978?  If so, you need to be certified.  Your firm, and at least one renovator has to be certified.  So what does getting certified entail?  The first step is to visit certified.  This is where you will register your firm.  Once you have your firm registered, it can take the EPA 90 days to approve your application.  After getting your firm registered you will need to register for training.  We offer EPA Lead Renovator Training at our training facilities in Cincinnati, OH and Columbus, OH.  Or, you can register for any of the courses we hold every two weeks across the United States.

Course Overview

Our interactive, fast-paced learning environment will give you the skills you need to control lead-based paint dust!  We will show you how to properly document testing for lead-based paint and Cleaning Verification. Our Lead Renovator Training Initial course will cover 8 classroom modules and 11 interactive skill sets.

We discuss why you should be concerned about lead-based paint.  Current health effects of lead, and how to protect yourself.  We will take a deep dive into the regulations concerning lead-based paint.  Then we will move into protecting yourself, interior containment, safe work practices, exterior containment, then cleanup.  We will review the required records and teach you how to document your cleaning verification.  To wrap up the classroom modules we will review how using the steps guide can be an effective way to train your non-certified workers.

For the 11 hands-on skill sets we will start with testing for lead-based paint.  We will teach how to you use an EPA recognized Test Kit, and take a paint chip sample.  We will then move onto removing and covering furniture, setting up interior containment, building barrier entry doors, personal protective equipment, and establishing exterior containment.  After we have everything setup we will begin cleanup, visual inspection and the cleaning verification procedure.  Once we clear the area, we will finish bagging our waste, goose-neck the bag, and then take down our barrier doors, signs, and perimeters.  Following a brief review, you will take the exam.

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