Annual Requirements

As we approach the new year it is important to remember your annual training requirements. On one hand it seems easy to remember because you train on them relatively frequently. On the other hand its easy to think you’re still current but somehow another year has already passed us by and you let the training expire. Below is a quick reminder of all your annual requirements.

Fire Extinguisher Training

Are you required to have fire extinguishers on your jobsite or in your workplace? If you are, then all employees in that area must receive annual training on the operation of those fire extinguishers and also the appropriate situations in which they are to be used. For more information on training and other frequently asked questions click here.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne pathogens are infectious microorganisms in human blood that can cause disease in humans.  As an employer, Bloodborne Pathogens Training is essential to properly equip your employees with the essential knowledge in the event of a serious emergency involving a blood spill.  Often times included with the CPR/First aid class (a 2 year renewal), the Bloodborne Pathogens training is actually a separate requirement and is annually required.

Lead Awareness

According to OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.1025, training is required for individuals who are required to work around lead or lead containing materials but who do not perform lead-based abatement work.  This requirement is also part of the construction industry OSHA standard 29 CFR 1926.62.  Lead exposures can have serious health consequences and knowing how to protect yourself from it is mandatory if lead is present on your worksite. For more on Lead Awareness Training  and other safety training check out our Safety Training page.

Since 2009 we have provided expert safety consulting, inspection, staffing, and training services. We currently service over 100 cities teaching the EPA RRP Lead Renovator Certification Training. If you can work around our schedule we can typically deliver our services for near or the same price you would pay right here in Cincinnati, OH. Our mission is to reduce workplace accidents and injuries. We believe that these free safety meetings help us achieve that goal. The best compliment you could give us is to forward these along to another company.

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10th Anniversary Compliance Package

10th Anniversary Compliance Package

Click here to learn about our 10th Anniversary Safety Compliance Package!

How can proActive Safety Services help us achieve our safety goals?

We have experience assisting companies with less than 5 employees to working with giant corporate companies like DHL. We have found that every situation is a little bit different. We offer a free safety assessment that can help us determine the gaps in your current program. From that assessment we are able to work together to develop a strategy to meet your goals. We have a team of 10 safety professionals and access to a network of over 5 senior safety directors within our community.

Does proActive Safety Services Offer Private Training Courses?

We specialize in delivering private training courses. In fact, we have sold more custom training courses that OSHA Outreach Training courses. Complete custom classes can get pretty expensive. However, it is easy to add in photos of your facilities, videos you may currently use, or any other custom content you feel is necessary. The best way to develop a custom course is to create Job Safety Analysis for each job type. It is simple for us at that point to develop a training program that covers the hazard your employees will face.