Forklift Training 2018

What to Do When OSHA Arrives

OSHA has instituted a new get tough policy.  Employers need to be prepared as well as prepare their employees on what to do when OSHA arrives.  OSHA’s goal upon arrival is to find deficiencies in your safety program and to issue citations. …
Forklift Training 2018

Silica. A standard that won't go away!

What is Crystalline Silica? Silicon dioxide, that exists as a crystal, is in many different materials used across a variety of industries. Crystalline silica is found in sand, sandstone, granite and shale. It's also found in cement, asphalt,…
Forklift Training 2018

Forklift Training, A Requirement For Safety

Why is forklift training important? According to OSHA approximately 97,000 people are injured in accidents involving forklifts, with more than a third of those being serious injuries. Forklift operations can be deadly.  Forklift training isn't…