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Why Was Lead Added to Paint?

Why was lead added to paint? Lead was added to paint for color and durability. When lead is added to paint it can speed up drying time, increase durability, and help the paint maintain a fresh appearance. In addition, adding lead to paint can help resist moisture that causes the paint to corrode. Furthermore, the […]

Free December Safety Meetings and Safety News!

Free December Safety Meetings This month we have prepared our free december safety meetings on the following topics: Accident Investigations Protecting Older Workers Trenching and Excavation Welding Please click here to download the free december safety meetings packet! Safety News U.S. Department of Labor updates frequently asked questions to address cloth face coverings as personal […]

Environmental Protection Agency Submits New Water Testing Proposal

New water testing procedures for utility companies were submitted by the Environmental Protection Agency last week. Almost three decades have passed since the Environmental Protection Agency has updated the requirements. Furthermore, a controversial piece of the new proposal swirls around the removal of old lead water pipes in the ground. Instead, testing frequency will be […]

Learn about RRP Program Requirements and Apply Online

If you, or your company is working in houses built prior to 1978 your company has to register as a Certified Firm, and you have to employ at least one Certified Renovator. In some states, you will have to have more than one certified renovator. Furthermore, for every project in a house built prior to […]

Free Webinar on Hearing Conservation

EHS Today is a fantastic resource for free safety training. Today while browsing, I found a phenomenal free resource on hearing conservation. This free webinar title is called Managing Common Hearing Concerns. Check it out if you are looking to brush up on your workplace hearing safety. So what does OSHA require when it comes […]

Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne pathogens can be transmitted to anybody and have deadly consequences.  What is a bloodborne pathogen?  It is something that can cause disease and this pathogen lives in the blood of somebody that has been infected.  There are many experts in healthcare that understand how bloodborne pathogens work and how they are transmitted from person […]

July 2019 Free Safety Meetings

This month we have prepared safety meetings on the following topics: Bloodborne Pathogens Carbon Monoxide Safety Ladder Safety Lead Safety Respirator Safety If you have questions or need to get registered please email SALES@PASAFETY.COM or dial 877-209-9648. Click here to download the July 2019 Free Safety Meetings! Since 2009 we have provided expert safety consulting, […]

Congratulations Blue’s Fans

Extremely pumped that the Blues are about to win the cup. We have been training in St. Louis for almost 5 years now. Some of my favorite classes of all time have happened in St. Louis. I travel all across this great country. I am a giant homer for the Reds and the Bengals. However, […]