Basic Respiratory Protection procedures will help extend and maybe save your life!

Whether we are working in factory, manufacturing facility, paving project, commercial construction project, or an old house. We will encounter items that require respiratory protection. Sometimes the hazards will be obvious. Other times, the hazards maybe invisible. Understanding the hazards you will face will be critical in selecting the proper respiratory protection.

Dust Mask Respirators

There are several of these models available to choose from. Although, they require a fit test, they don’t require a pulmonary test to be worn. The user should be cleanly shaven, and conduct a pre use fit check prior to using the respirator.

Half or Full Mask Respirators

There isn’t a shortage of models to choose from when it comes to half or full mask respirators. They do require a pulmonary test and a fit test to be worn. Users should still conduct a pre-use fit check before beginning work. Users must be cleanly shaven, and be sure to clean and store these in their containers upon completion.

PAPR – Powered Air Purifying Respirator

This system has a tremendous advantage as it doesn’t require a fit test, fit check, or a pulmonary test. You long beard guys won’t have to shave them off either. These are recommended for workers want the best level of respiratory protection.

All of these respiratory protection options come with several different features. Some have different types of filters, and others have different types of facial pieces. Taking the time to understand what your need is, will be crucial to the effectiveness of the equipment selected. You can always dial our partner in personal protective equipment Jeff Bayer from ABCO Safety. You can reach im by dialing 513-604-0858 or email

Personal protective equipment can be complicated. However, finding the right solution is critical to your safety! What type of respiratory protection is used at your sites or facilities?

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