Saint Louis EPA RRP Refresher Certification

Extremely pumped that the Blues are about to win the cup. We have been training in St. Louis for almost 5 years now. Some of my favorite classes of all time have happened in St. Louis. I travel all across this great country. I am a giant homer for the Reds and the Bengals. However, if I got to choose where I would be born as a sports fan. It would be St. Louis. I had lunch one spring day in Westport. The Cardinals had a spring training game on TV. Place was packed with people wearing Cardinals gear, watching the Spring Training game? Congratulations, looking forward to gettimg back to Missouri to ask you all about it. My Father told me when the Reds won the series in 1990. Enjoy this son, it may not happen for another 20 years. Take his advice, take off work the next two days and celebrate!