EPA Lead Renovator Certification – Who Really Needs It?

Lead poisoning is still a major problem in the United States of America. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that over 34 million homes still contain lead-based paint. Furthermore, our research indicates there are still several contractors who aren’t certified.

Several types of contractors need to be certified. Furthermore, Landlords, and realtors should also be certified. The rule is very clear about what the requirements are to work in houses and child-occupied facilities built before 1978. The firm must be an EPA Certified Firm, and they must employ at least one certified renovator. In certain circumstances the Certified Renovator can train non-certified workers on the job or in the classroom over several days. However, if the work is regulated by the HUD LSHR Rule then the training requirements become much more stringent. On a job regulated by the HUD LSHR rule. The only way you can train non-certified workers is if you are a Certified Renovator, as well as a Lead Abatement Supervisor. Furthermore, you cannot leave the project if you train non-certified workers.

Does the EPA RRP rule apply in commercial buildings?

The only time the EPA RRP rule applies in a commercial building is if that building is a child-occupied facility. Any building is a child-occupied facility if a child under 6 will be there for more than 3 hours in a day, 6 hours in a week, or 60 hours per year.

Even if you are just replacing shower doors in an old house. It only takes one gram of lead-based paint dust to contaminate a three thousand square foot environment. That is the amount of sugar in a packet you would add to tea or coffee. So, who really needs to be certified? Anyone working in houses and child-occupied facilities built prior to 1978?

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Can anyone discuss a job where the worked lead-safe? If so, what was it?