Facility and Project Safety Orientation

Have you ever started a new job that included risks? In most cases these days you should have been briefed and even given training on how to avoid those risks. However, we meet with companies in 2019 who still have no formal Safety Orientation Program in place. Often these are newer businesses who are beginning to grow and just now may have a need for the Safety Orientation Program. Nevertheless, not having a Safety Orientation Program could prove to be costly.

Unfortunately, there are still people out there who would rather fake an accident or injury than work. The angle of these people is to figure out ways to get paid not to work. Companies and Supervisors who neglect conducting project or facility safety orientations make themselves prime targets for individuals looking to game the system.

Furthermore, did you know that over 50% of the time someone is involved in an accident or is injured at work that there was no knowledge of the hazard, or the proper protective equipment was not being worn? Crazy, but it is true. So, how can you help improve your chances of avoiding accidents and injuries? It is simple:

  1. Ensure that a detailed Job Safety Analysis is conducted for each position within your company.
  2. Develop a safety committee or hire someone like us to organize a safety orientation program based off the Job Safety Analysis that were conducted for each position.
  3. Ensure that everyone attends the safety orientation program prior to be assigned work.
  4. Implement a daily job safety analysis procedure for every supervisor involved in dangerous tasks.

By following the simple steps listed below you will give your employee the knowledge they need to avoid getting injured. Furthermore, by implementing these processes you will help deter the people who are out there looking to fake their next accident or injury on your dime.

Does your company require a safety orientation prior to each project or before job assignment? If so, what was it like? Could it be improved?

Our mission at proActive Safety Services is to reduce workplace accidents and injuries. We offer free phone consultation and are eager to assist you in solving your safety challenges. If you have any questions, please feel free to email sales@pasafety.com or dial 877-209-9648.

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