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    7576 White Bluff Rd.

    United States

    Savannah Training Location

    Country Inn & Suites
    7576 White Bluff Rd.
    Savannah, GA 31406

    Training Location Overview:

    Our Savannah Training Location is conveniently located near Interstate 516. We offer the EPA Lead Renovator Initial Certification every month. Our fast-paced interactive training will give you the skills needed to maintain compliance. Furthermore, we focus on industry best-practices needed to protect your workers and your customers.  Therefore, if you need directions or have questions about our EPA RRP Lead Renovator Certification Training Location please call us at 877-209-9648.

    Since the EPA is requiring Lead Renovator Training. As a result, Lead Renovator Training is required if your company is working in child-care facilities, homes, and schools built prior to 1978. Therefore, your company must have one certified lead renovator. As a result of these requirements, we offer Lead Renovator Training to help your firm stay in compliance.  If your company is performing work in homes and child-occupied facilities built prior to 1978. Your firm must employ at least one Certified Renovator. In addition, your firm must be registered as a Lead Safe Certified Firm with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    Certifications Received:

    Upon completion of the course and the exam you will receive:

    1. EPA RRP Lead Renovator Initial Certificate
      1. No further action with the EPA as an individual will be necessary.
    2. Georgia Environmental Protection Division Completion Certificate
      1. Application to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division to become a Certified Renovator in Georgia is required.

    Our instructors will walk you through the application process for the state of Georgia, as well as how to register your firm with the Environmental Protection Agency if you will be working outside the state. If you have questions, give us call by dialing 877-209-9648.

    How do you ensure you are in compliance?

    As a result of the EPA RRP rule there are 5 steps to be sure you are in compliance:
    1. First of all, get registered for an EPA-approved lead renovator training course.
    2. Furthermore, you must submit an application to EPA on behalf of your company.
    3. Your company has to have a representative complete the lead renovator training.
    4. In addition you must pass the 25-question certification exam.
    5. Finally, receive your approval from the EPA.

    Who should attend from your company?

    Operations Manager
    Production Supervisors
    Production Workers

    Therefore if you own a qualifying business, you need to attend this course! As a result of the rule, fines can be as high as $37,500 per violation! Consequently, understanding this rule shouldn’t be delegated. Most importantly, we go beyond the basics and will give you several tools to stay in compliance as well as protect your increased liability.

    Contact us today to find out more about our Savannah EPA RRP Lead Renovator Certification Training Location by dialing 877-209-9648 or email [email protected]

    Training Courses Offered:

    8 Hour EPA RRP Lead Renovator Initial Certification

    As a result of the EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting rule.  We offer the 8 Hour EPA RRP Initial Certification at our Savannah Lead Renovator Training Location every month.  Most importantly, our fast-paced interactive course covers the eight classroom modules followed by eleven hands on skill sets. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and skills you need to protect the families you work for as well as your employees.

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