Silica Training - Why You Need It

Silica Training – Why You Need It!

Since October 23rd, 2017 all construction companies were required to follow OSHA’s new crystalline silica rule. OSHA is and will continue to ramp up enforcement for silica violations. Earlier in 2018 a Virginia construction company was issued several violations that added up to over $300,000.

What types of fines are facing if you fail to comply? According to In the case mentioned above the following items were cited:

  1. Failure to provide personal protective equipment. Proposed Penalty $8,065
  2. Failure to train employees in hazard communication. Proposed Penalty $8065
  3. Failure to Properly Implement safer work methods. Proposed Penalty $96,000
  4. Failure to assess exposure of at-risk Employees. Proposed Penalty $96,000
  5. Failure to provide medical evaluations and proper respiratory protection. Proposed Penalty $96,000

If you are still operating around silica dust without following OSHA’s rules, it could cost you. Furthermore, you risk exposing yourself to lawsuits from your customers, employees, and possibly even your vendors. Most importantly, not providing personal protective equipment around silica dust could lead to fatal lung diseases such as silicosis.

There are several different ways to work around silica that are affordable. Limiting saw cutting operations to less than 4 hours per day when using a saw equipped with an integrated water delivery system could be one option. Furthermore, the silica standard allows for permissible exposure limits. We never recommend operating under Permissible Exposure Limits. However, there are measures you can take to work underneath the levels set. Whether you are the company owner or the laborer. Thinking about what is best for everyone on the job should be paramount to what is allowed.

Crippling fines, silicosis, lawsuits are all fantastic reasons to comply with the new Silica Standard.

Does anyone know anyone who has contracted Silicosis? Can anyone describe an experience when they worked around silica dust? What types of control measures were activated?

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Silica Training - Why You Need It

Silica Training – Why You Need It