It is hard to believe that it is almost October. This time of year most businesses are working on their projections and budgets for next year. It is critical to budget for safety to maintain compliance. Remember, there are several items that need to be budgeted for on an annual basis; Bloodborne Pathogen Training, Fire Protection Training, Hazard Communication (GHS) Training, and Ohio Drug Free Workplace Training. There are several more that should be addressed every two or three years; Forklift Certification, Aerial Work Platform Training, Skid Steer Training, and CPR First Aid Training.

Not sure what courses you need? We can help! Please contact Jarrod May by dialing 877-209-9648 or email [email protected] to conduct a quick five minute safety assessment. Several companies choose to devote a couple days per year to safety training, while others will spread out their safety training throughout the year. We are flexible and can work around your schedule to get the necessary training courses completed.

A question that we are asked quite frequently is: Do I have to pay my employees during the safety training? Yes, you must pay to your employees while you are training them. A strategy that we have seen implemented by larger companies is to require training as a prerequisite to employment. While this can work well to dispel the cost of an OSHA 30 Hour Training, it should never replace your safety orientation. Also, this solution only helps save cost on new employees.

So that brings us back to your budget. Other common concerns are: What if we can’t afford to do all of the required safety training? What strategy should we employ for what we can afford? This is simple; a daily pre-task job safety analysis (JSA) will only cost you a little bit of time each day. This counts as safety training and will ensure your workers understand the hazards they will face, as well as how to protect themselves. Require the “JSA” procedure and enforce your discipline plan as it relates to the procedure. Next, make a list of your most dangerous tasks and assess what training will be needed to complete them safely. Once this is complete, schedule your safety training courses accordingly.

We do our best to make safety training affordable. Package plans are available, which allow you pick your payment terms and frequency. We also discount the cost of safety packages by ten to thirty percent off of our list price. If you need assistance figuring out what safety training you need, please contact Jarrod May by dialing 877-209-9648 or email [email protected].

By: Scott Teepe Jr. – President