Every month we publish free safety meetings for you to use during your weekly safety meetings. Instructions on how to conduct the meeting are included.

Why do you need to conduct safety meetings?

Although we conduct routing training courses. Many times it is helpful to get a brief refresher on the topics that maybe hazards at your worksite. Also, to build an effective safety culture, it is crucial to have routine time dedicated to safety.

How long should the safety meeting take?

Safety meetings shouldn’t take longer than ten minutes. The idea is to review the topic covered, discuss and real life scenarios, and agree on a strategy going forward.

When should we schedule the safety meeting?

Typically it is a good idea to schedule the safety meeting on Monday morning before work begins. This has several advantages. First, it gets your crew thinking about safety before they start working for the week. Second, this gives you a great opportunity to review the daily job safety analysis. Lastly, by taking care of the weekly safety meeting on Monday, you are more likely to remember to do it each week.

Will proActive Safety Services conduct the safety meeting for us?

We can definitely conduct the meetings for you. However, we have found over the last ten years that it makes much more sense for your crews to conduct these themselves. Also, we have had several companies confuse a brief safety meeting as actual hazard training. Although we cover the hazards in the safety meeting. Typically most hazards require a formal training course. Also, we feel that the safety meeting process really helps shift accountability for safety responsibility to the crews, and crew leaders.

Are there any resources to help us develop our safety meeting process?

Yes you can access several free tools by accessing osha.gov

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